Children's Health Print
Health Care Reform Briefing Paper
Children's Board, Hillsborough County, August 20, 2009

PURSUE legislative efforts to simplify the administration of Florida KidCare. REMOVE barriers to enrollment and streamline the program, including allowing for electronic determination of income, eliminating income verification for non subsidized applicants, reducing waiting periods, and providing a full-pay option for children ages 0-1. ASSURE families receive information about the program through schools, service providers and other methods.

ENSURE full funding for all children eligible for the KidCare Program.

MONITOR Florida’s Medicaid Reform efforts to ensure that any changes to Florida’s Medicaid program do not result in limiting access or the capping of needed benefits for families, including pregnant women and children. In particular, monitor the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment benefit of the Medicaid program.

ENSURE that implementation in additional counties occurs only after careful and independent evaluation of the existing pilot programs, and explicit legislative approval.